What Will You See at FantasyWood?


ManneqART is a public competition

to create Sculpture on the Human Form

See the live ManneqART Sculptural artworks walking around. Ask them a question or take a selfie with them.

Visit ManneqART.org to see photos of some of the artworks that will be at the Festival.

PhDale Photography

Priscilla Dale Jones’s unique, unrepeatable

photographs of water—its forms, natural

patterns, and chance combinations—invite an

interaction with the viewer’s memories, dreams,

and imagination. Please join this voyage into

space and time: what alien worlds do you see?

Priscilla Dale Jones's artwork is projected and displayed all over the Chrysalis. Enjoy the unique scenery and be sure to snap plenty of pictures!

Fairy Hawke Costume Company

Fairy Hawke creates fantasy inspired

apparel for your everyday fae.

FairyHawke is offering limited edition

pieces for FantasyWood as well as

providing costuming for wandering


The Tardis Photo Booth

The Tardis Photo Booth provides an

authentic Tardis for all of our guests.

"Make a memory Take a memory"

The Tardis Photo Booth is here! Climb inside

and take multiple photostrips with all of your

friends. Take your group all across

Space and Time!

Tempting Ewe Yarn

Wae and Amanda’s dyeing styles

and color choices vary enough

that their dyed yarns appeal to a

variety of customers.

Tempting Ewe Yarns, is here at

FantasyWood selling her dyed yarns.

Terrapin Adventures

We have created adventures with only wood,

rope, and cable. Our company is on the

cutting edge, bringing vacation type

adventures from around the world. We’ve

combined team building and thrills with understanding our environment.

Terrapin Adventures is creating several

amazing courses for your kids to traverse

through! Enjoy amazing builds, and watch

your kids tackle challenges theyve never

seen before! 

Bearing Gifts

Bearing Gifts is a unique gift store with

gift ideas for all of your special

occasions. We strive to offer quality

products and a vast selection of hard to

find Troll Beads.

A version of the FantasyWood Mascot

"Fuzzy Ball-erino" will be available at

the Bearing Gifts booth

Ed Kidera

Ed Kidera works with old steel cylinders, car,

truck and farm parts to create unique pieces

for the home and garden that are designed

to last a lifetime or two.

Ed is selling some of his famous sculptural works as well as selling and playing some of his Sculptural Cowbells

Spoon's Wizard Emporium

Spoon's Emporium is a place to fined all things a great wizard needs! Books, magical trees, necklaces, earrings, and much much more!!!!!

At FantasyWood Check out this booth

to get your own baby dragon!

Botany Lane Pottery

Botany Lane is a ceramic and pottery artist,

that creates stylish and natural looking


Botany Lane will be at FantasyWood selling

her various handmade artworks.

So many amazing things from 

Enchanted Living will be present at 


Enchanted Living is a quarterly print magazine that celebrates all things enchanted. Every issue features exquisite photography, original fiction and poetry, travel pieces, otherworldly beauty tips, craft tutorials, and much more

Enchanted Living
Lamps from the Attic

Our lamps are all One-Of-A-Kind little pieces of history that touch the hearts of those that visit our booth.

Purchase a rustic blast from the past at this

vendor's tent!