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  • Will inclement weather change FantasyWood?
    FantasyWood is a rain or shine event. Regardless of the weather we'll be out here!
  • Do we have to pay for Parking at FantasyWood?
    Nope! Parking at FantasyWood is completely free! Look to our "Location" section to find where to park and how to get to the parking lots!
  • Can my pets enjoy FantasyWood too?
    Unfortunately no, our ogres eat pets. Puppies are also considered a very tasty snacks so we ask you to keep them safe at home. Larger dogs set off the Werewolves something fierce so again, best to leave them at home. Humans in pet costumes are okay though! Just don't make them too realistic...Ogres are short sighted!
  • Can I bring Food or Drink or Alcohol to FantasyWood?
    Outside food or drink is permitted at FantasyWood! This is to help Moms of kids with alergies. The only thing not permitted from outside is alcohol. Alcohol can be purchased inside FantasyWood if you are over 21. Please bring ID for Santa's Elves to check. (They need a summer job).
  • May I come in Costume?
    Of Course! FantasyWood is a time to celebrate everything Fantasy! We encourage 'dress up and role play. If you don't have one, costume vendors will be ready to help with your new adventurous look. Obviously, we cannot allow weapons "props or not" onto the premises so please be mindful. If you have any questions on what qualifies as a weapon please feel free to contact us and we'll give you an answer right away! Wands, while very powerful, are allowed if the magic user is considerate of the feelings of others.
  • How can I tell the Staff from the visitors if everyone is in costume?
    Even though some of our staff will be in costume we can be identified by our official FantasyWood Staff Badges worn on our torso. We will available to answer questions and pose for selfies with you.
  • Can I take Photos or Videos at FantasyWood?
    Of Course! FantasyWood is a place to just have a good time! We definitely recommend taking as many pictures and videos as you like! We'll have plenty of special backdrops for Photo Ops so make sure to bring your phone or a camera! We will also have an Instagram hashtag for you to upload your favorite photos.
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